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Life on the rocks 
Better than a Bonsai!!

Here's a great plant idea. It looks like a bonsai, only it's a lot easier to look after!

"Life on the rocks' is just what the name suggests – a plant that "lives on a rock'. As the roots grow over the rock it takes on a gnarled bonsai appearance that keeps improving with age. There is no potting mix used at all. When you fill the dish with water, the volcanic rock absorbs the moisture making it available to the plant roots. This encourages moss to grow on the rock too which further adds to the bonsai like appearance.

But you don't have to be a bonsai master to keep your "Life on the Rocks' looking good. There's no pruning, training or repotting. Just add water!

Did you know? The spiritual foundations of Bonsai lie in the Eastern philosophy of life which strives for harmony between nature and man kind. Many believe that taking care of bonsai will help draw you to a close and intimate experience with nature!!

       Caring for your Life on the Rocks ​
  • Keep your Life on the Rocks in a bright position out of direct sunlight and protected from excessive wind where possible.
  • Fill the dish with water every few days – more often during hot weather
  • Your Life on the Rocks needs very little feeding. Just a little liquid fertiliser will help to keep them looking green.