The plant that “Thrives on Neglect’

It has to be the most exciting new indoor plant release this century. The Zanzibar Gem not only looks terrific, it’s almost indestructible which is great news for anyone who struggles to keep their indoor plants looking good.

The thing that makes this plant look so distinctive is its long succulent stems, each growing to around 600 to 900mm long and covered with deep green glossy leaves. Its unique attractive form complements just about any style of container and it can be used to great effect to add a splash of green anywhere in the home, even in those dark corners of a room where most plants fail to grow. You can grow Zanzibar Gem outdoors too where it performs beautifully in dry shady areas.

But what makes it so tough? Under the soil is a potato-like tuber which stores water and helps the plant to survive extremely long periods without a drink. It does not care if when you forget to water it… in fact it prefers that you don’t! The Zanzibar Gem really does “thrive on neglect’.

Did you know? Zamioculcas zamiifolia is native to the dry forests of Tanzania and the exotic African isle of “Zanzibar’. That is why we have named it Zanzibar Gem ®.

Caring for your Zanzibar Gem is easy

  • Do not over-water it.
  • Over watering causes the underground tuber to rot.
    Watering once a month is plenty. Water less in colder conditions.
  • Add a slow release fertiliser to the pot in spring
  • Do not worry about pests – very few affect the Zanzibar Gem.
  • When it is time to re-pot you will see or feel a slight bulge in the pot.
  • Re-pot using a very free draining potting mix. You can even add a few pebbles or gravel to the mix to keep it free draining.
  • Ensure your Zanzibar Gem is kept out of direct sun.
  • They will flourish to a beautiful dark green in less light conditions.